Back-To-Back Bikram Yoga Classes

Absolutely! Sure! Why not? I mean really, you can do anything you put your mind to. Before you try this for yourself, please allow me to give you a few words of advice. This is all from my own personal experience so feel free to take it or leave it as you see fit.

First of all, decide what kind of double you want to do. Do you want to take back-to-back Bikram Yoga classes like taking the 8am class and then staying for the 10am class right after? Or would you rather split up the two classes and give yourself a break by taking the 6am class before work and then coming back to the studio after work for the 6pm class? There’s really no right or wrong way to do a double. Just find the one that works for you, your body and your schedule. The only way you’ll know is if you try both ways. Then see which one you like better.

For me, it depends on how my body is feeling that day. If I had good sleep the night before, have a little something in stomach before the first class and have a little snack to munch on in-between classes, then taking one class right after the other works fine for me. Sometimes I feel like the first class is merely a warm-up and during the second class, I get a crazy surge of energy. It sounds weird and it feels even weirder because mentally you think you’d be exhausted before the second class starts. There was only one time when I thought the second class was going to do me in. That’s because my body was starting to feel a bit under the weather. Instead of listening to my body and giving it the rest it needed, I pushed myself through a second class. I felt horrible by the time we finished the warm-up series and the rest of the class was a blur. Always be sure to tune in and listen to your body to see how it feels.

If this is your first time trying out a double dose of Bikram Yoga in one day, I suggest splitting up the classes. Take the first class in the morning and then take the second class either in the afternoon or later that night. By splitting up the two classes, you give your body plenty of time to recoup. You’ll have a few hours to rehydrate yourself, get some food in your system (don’t eat anything too heavy in-between classes), catch your breath and get your energy back. The only downfall of splitting up the two classes during the day is the double dose of laundry and the extra time commitment – two towels, two mats, two yoga costumes, two sets of a change of clothes, getting to and from the studio twice and taking two showers.

Regardless of how you decide to take your two Bikram Yoga classes in one day, I have four pieces of advice for you, no matter how many classes you plan on taking during any given day:

Drink Water

Bring plenty of water with you and take sips of water during class. The first and only official water break is 30 minutes into class, right after the warm-up series called “Party Time!” After that, you’re on your own for water breaks. Drink in-between postures, whenever you feel thirsty. I like to take additional water breaks right after each of the following postures: Toe Stand, Bow Pose, Rabbit Pose and the final breathing exercise, Blowing in Firm Pose.

Not only is it important to drink water during class, but also it’s equally important to drink water before and after class. Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. Drinking plenty of water the day before class is a great way to prepare your hydration levels. Plus, water is cheap, easy to drink and great for your skin. Stay hydrated my friends.

Add Electrolytes To The Mix

I didn’t start experimenting with electrolyte powders and tablets until I started training for the Rim to Rim Hike in the Grand Canyon last summer. Electrolytes saved my ass on that hike and they can make a huge difference in your Bikram Yoga practice, especially if you plan on taking two classes in one day. Electrolytes quite simply re-mineralize your water. You can either add one to your drinking water before class or add one to your drinking water after class. I prefer taking these before class because they tend to keep my hydration levels in check. There are many different brands, types and flavors of electrolytes out on the market. Try them all until you find the ones you like. I prefer using the Nuun tablets. Out of all the ones I’ve tried, they have the best flavors.

Don’t Eat Right Before Class

Every studio will recommend that you not eat anything three hours prior to taking a Bikram Yoga class. My body doesn’t respond well to that advice. I need to have something light in my system or I’ll get dizzy and nauseous during class. Before class, my body has always responded well with snacking on a banana or something equally as light. I wouldn’t recommend anything heavy, spicy or a full, greasy meal right before class. You will be uncomfortable, trust me.

Get Your Zs

Get plenty of sleep. If you’re tired, hung over from the night before or feel like your body is on the verge of getting sick, try doing Bikram on another day when you’re well rested. Be nice to your body. Give it the rest it needs whenever it needs it.

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