I love to write about things I’m passionate about! Before I started professing my love for yoga online, I wrote about my adventures behind the bar as a bartender during college. Once I decided to transition from bartending to becoming an esthetician, I decided to write about that too. That’s when the blog, My Life As An Esthetician was created. I’ve even had a few fun freelance projects published along the way.

If you love my blog, then you’ll want to check out the links below to see other examples of my writing online:

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Was my previous full-time day gig

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Why I Will Never Wear Mascara To A Hot Yoga Class Again, March 17, 2016

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5 Mantras for Social Media, September/October 2012 issue
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National Bartender Examiner, 2009-2011 (Online)
Yes, I was a bartender back in the day and wrote about that too. This profession paid my way through college!

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