Something you might not have known about me – I’ve always wanted to have my own YouTube Channel. The one thing that stopped me over the last couple of years from creating a channel was not having a concept. I had no idea what I wanted to make videos about. Since I didn’t want to waste time aimlessly shooting and editing random videos, I decided to keep the YouTube idea on the backburner and instead focused on creating my blog and growing my Instagram account.

Last year while hiking the Pacific Crest Trail somewhere in Washington, the idea of creating a YouTube Channel popped up in my head again. At this point in my hike, I was hiking 20+ miles a day and had plenty of time to think while doing the miles. One morning as I started hiking, instead of putting on my headphones to listen to music, I literally asked the trail to help me come up with a concept for my YouTube Channel. I then listened and waited for some answers.

By the time I finished my hike at the end of September, I had several notes on the concept I wanted to create for my YouTube Channel. This is how “The Hungry Hiker” was born. On trail, I was always hungry, always thinking about food and always planning my next meal. On town days, I’d hike faster because I was excited about all of the meal possibilities in town that weren’t in my food bag. “The Hungry Hiker” YouTube Channel concept combines two things I love most – hiking and food. I figured I could make videos about hiking and the food I enjoy, both on trail and off.

When I came home from my hike in 2018, I quickly got to work on setting up The Hungry Hiker YouTube Channel. I started with putting together a few videos of some of my favorite local day hikes close to the Seattle area. Then I put together a music video with some of my favorite video clips from my 2018 PCT thru-hike. It still makes me cry every time I watch it. From here, I made a quick video introducing myself to my channel and made a couple informational videos where I answered questions like, “What’s A Trail Name?” and “What Are The Ten Essentials?” I put together one more video about my 2018 PCT thru-hike, this time focusing on the Washington section of the trail.

Once I was in full-on prep mode for my upcoming 2019 PCT thru-hike, I made a couple videos talking about my preparation process like the clothes I’d be wearing on trail tin 2019 and what it was like to plan a thru-hike in six months. Once I started hiking my second PCT thru-hike in April, my YouTube videos turned into weekly vlogs from the trail.

Now that I’m officially off trail for 2019 and have begun the transition from being on trail to being back into off-trail life, I miss the PCT more than ever. Post-trail blues are a real thing. It’s like you’re literally in mourning from missing the trail so much. You not only miss all of the hiking and beautiful views along the way, but you also miss the routine of trail life. You long for the simple days where your biggest concern was hiking to the next water source. You miss the people you met on trail, being outside all the time, breathing fresh air and getting excited about seeing a picnic table, garbage can or a pit toilet.

As a part of dealing with the post-trail blues in the healthiest way I know how, I’m diving into a passion project – making hiking videos for my YouTube Channel of the day hikes I go on over the next few months. I’ll start by making videos of the day hikes I do along the PCT whenever I meet up with Bleeder on one of his town days as he hikes his way through Washington. Along the way, I’ll get to see some of my all-time favorite PCT Washington highlights like Cutthroat Pass, Lake Valhalla, Lake Josephine, Chinook Pass and Cispus Pass.

The videos I put together will hopefully inspire others to get outside and want to plan adventures of their own. Getting people excited about exploring the Great Outdoors has been my jam ever since I got bit by the hiking bug over four years ago.

The first video I put together as part of my post-trail blues passion project is the day hike I did up to Cutthroat Pass, off of Highway 20. Hiking up to Cutthroat Pass via the PCT was one of my favorite Washington highlights along my thru-hike last year. It’s gorgeous! Not only do you walk through a lush forest with several water/creek crossings as you make your way up, but you get to see a number of beautiful views along the way as the trail opens up.

Part of me is bias of this trail because it’s on the PCT, but you can’t argue with the views. Even on a cloudy day, the peaks will memorize you. Check it out for yourself. Enjoy the video? Leave a comment on the video and let me know. While you’re at it, be sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel. Thanks for watching!

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