I made it! I’ve survived a whole week on the PCT so far and I’m still smiling about being out here. After hiking over 70 miles over the last seven days, I’ve only gotten five blisters and they all seem to be on the mend.

Everyday I’m out here on the trail, I think to myself how there’s nothing else in the world I’d rather be doing. I’ve adapted to the thru-hiker life much quicker than I thought I would. I’ve come to embrace the dirtiness. I’m perfectly okay wearing the same dirty clothes each day. I look forward to sleeping in my tent every night. I don’t mind carrying heavy water weight through the desert. I enjoy eating meals cooked with boiling water. They’re quite tasty actually. I don’t even mind feeling constant pain in my feet thanks to healing blisters. The pain weirdly goes away after the first mile of the day.

Even on the hardest days out here on the trail when it’s extremely hot, extremely cold or so windy I feel like it’s going to push me right over the trail, there’s still nothing else I’d rather be doing than this.

Life is so simple out here. I’ve stopped checking the time. I’m already forgetting what day of the week it is because I just don’t care. Instead of rushing off to the next thing, I now get up with the sun, eat, pack up camp, hike, snack, hike some more, set up camp, eat again and go to sleep as the sun sets. I stopped setting my alarm after the first night.

One of my biggest fears out here was to spend the night by myself. Luckily on my first night on the trail, I set up camp with a group of 15 other hikers. We all got along instantly. When I woke up in the morning, we realized out of all the 15 people at the campsite, I was the only American, the “Token” American. This is how I came to get my trail name by my second day on the trail.

Also on my second day on the trail, I had started hiking with my trail family – Shannon and Glen from Canada and Pete (Punchline) from Australia. By Day Four, we adopted Nik (Bleeder) from Sweden to our hiking family.

It honestly feels like one big summer camp out here. All we do is hike, eat, sleep and laugh. We’ve made so many memories out here together already and it’s only been a week.

To celebrate our first week on the trail, we decided to hitch into Julian to spend the night in a hotel where we could wash our dirty clothes, shower, eat food that doesn’t require boiling water and score a free piece of pie at Mom’s in the morning.

I’m all about this thru-hiking life!

23 comments on “My First Week on the PCT”

  1. Alright. Act 1 – engage
    Getting to know some of the characters. Establishing a setting. Slight ominous hints at the coming conflict with the ominous blister issue. duh duh duhhhh

    Looking forward to the next episode
    Happy trails
    – from Thailand

  2. Fun to see your first trip report. How fun to have a “trail family!” Hope the blister issue goes away!

    • Thank you! Having a fun trail family makes the whole experience so much more fun. Blisters are on the mends. Two days of no pain in my feet! 😀

    • Thank you!! End of April was a good time to start this year. Not a lot of snow in the Sierra and still water in the desert. The fire season is always unpredictable so there’s no way around that.

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