I started off my Saturday morning in a Yoga Sculpt class with Sunny. This was the first Saturday morning Yoga Sculpt class I’ve been to where the entire room wasn’t completely packed. Where was everybody? I guess when the sun is out and its warm outside, people don’t want to get their sweat on indoors. Fine by me. I appreciated having a little extra space to spread out in class this morning.

So far in Yoga Sculpt, I’ve been using the 3lbs hand weights. In Sunny’s Yoga Sculpt class on Monday night this week, I attempted to use the 5lbs weights. I made it half way through class before having to switch back to the 3lbs weights. I’m proud to say this morning, I was able to use the 5lbs weights all through class. I didn’t touch the 3lbs weights once. I can’t believe it was only a month ago where I was afraid to take a Yoga Sculpt class. Here it is six classes later, Yoga Sculpt has easily become one of my favorite classes to take at CorePower Yoga!

My intention for Sunny’s Yoga Sculpt class today was to train for the upcoming wakeboard season. During the summer months, I love to wakeboard. I’ll be attending Girls Ride The Wake, an all-girls wakeboard camp at the end of June in California. This will be my fourth year in a row of going. In preparation for the camp, I want to start building my arm muscles again. Each time the going got tough in class this morning and I thought about putting the heavier weights down, I imagined myself holding onto the wakeboard handle both behind a boat and at the cable park. That visualization was enough for me to want to keep going with the heavier weights in my hand. I’m going to need all of the muscle power in my arms for wakeboarding this summer. The more muscle I have, the longer I’ll be able to ride and the more fun I’ll have.

I’ve been taking a ton of yoga classes over the last few months, but I need to also add more cardio and strength training to my routine. Yoga Sculpt is a happy medium of yoga and strength training, which also includes core and plenty of cardio. I’m looking forward to having more time in my schedule to add more Yoga Sculpt classes into my week. I just need to make it through yoga teacher training first. Graduation is next Sunday!

After class this mroning, I went across the street to the grocery store. I ended up buying way more groceries than I had planned on. I walked out of the store with two, full, heavy bags. Already, I could feel how much stronger my arms have become since my very first Yoga Sculpt class over a month ago. I’m now carrying grocery bags and baskets full of laundry like a boss. More Yoga Sculpt please!

Class #39, Yoga Sculpt with Sunny at CorePower Yoga Ballard (Other CPY Class-12)

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