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Even though this was technically my last week of yoga teacher training, I was still far behind with meeting my 60-yoga class requirement for graduation. At the beginning of this week, I still had 20 more classes to go. I have some serious catching up to do over the next couple of weeks. I foresee a few double daily doses of yoga classes in my near future. Thank goodness I have up to 14 days after graduation to make all of these classes up!

Wednesday, April 13th – Class #40, Hot Power Fusion with Mandy at CorePower Yoga Greenwood (HPF-21)

Tonight was my first yoga class this week since taking Sunny’s Yoga Sculpt class on Saturday morning. It was Mandy’s Hot Power Fusion class at the Greenwood studio. I didn’t feel very bendy in class tonight. I never do when it’s my first class of the week. Mandy gave me a hands-on assist during one of my Warrior II poses in class. Warrior II seems like an easy enough pose – spin your back foot flat, open your chest to the side of the room, reach your arms long, bend your front knee and relax your shoulders down. No matter how hard I try, I always have a hard time keeping my front knee bent. This posture requires a lot of strength, especially in the legs. During my hands-on assist from Mandy, she helped guide my front knee into a ninety-degree angle as I stood there holding the posture. I could feel my front leg shaking quite a bit.

Starting in Camel, Mandy had us turn around to face the back of the room. We finished up the rest of the postures in class facing this way. It was pretty cool. Facing in this new direction gave me a different perspective on the same class I’ve taken in the same studio over 20 times now since I started yoga teacher training. I love how the teachers can still give this familiar sequence a fun and unique spin from time to time. Certainly keeps things fun and interesting.

By final Savasana, I could hear and feel my stomach growl loudly. It was kind of embarrassing. I hope no one else heard it. I swear I could hear my stomach growling over the music that was playing in class. Geez…

Thursday, April 14th – Class #41, Hot Power Fusion with Jill at CorePower Yoga Greenwood (HPF-22)

My favorite part of Jill’s class tonight was when she played Madonna’s “Express Yourself” during the Core portion of class. Core is my least favorite part of a Hot Power Fusion class so kudos to Jill for making it fun and causing me to laugh and smile. I loved it.

It felt extra warm and steamy inside the studio today, but that was probably because it was so nice and warm outside. This class time used to be a Hot Power Fusion By Candlelight class during the winter months. Not any more. It was still super bright and sunny outside during class tonight.

During class, I thought to myself about how solid I feel in my practice with all of the Hot Power Fusion classes I’ve been taking. I remember a few months ago when I worried about not remembering which posture came next. Now I can almost take a Hot Power Fusion class with my eyes closed. I no longer have to watch the people around me to see what comes next. I know exactly what’s coming next and have the cues for each posture memorized in my head.

Tonight in class, I had a hard time shutting off my brain and just focusing on listening to Jill’s cues and doing the postures. Instead, I kept thinking about the internship at CorePower Yoga I learned about right before class. Should I audition for it? Would I do a good job? How nervous would I be auditioning? Could I even fit the internship in my already busy schedule? Then I started thinking about SUP Yoga, all of the CPY classes I still need to take for graduation, work crap and daydreaming about having my own yoga business one day.

Jill gave me an incredible hands-on assist during final Savasana. It felt so good. It was exactly what I needed, especially since I still needed to stay at the studio for another four hours for our yoga teacher training Group Session.

Friday, April 15th – Class #42, C2 with Alejandra at CorePower Yoga Greenwood (Other CPY-13)

Today I was geared up to take a double dose of yoga, first starting with Alejandra’s C@ class and then staying for Christine’s Hot Power Fusion class right after. Tonight was my third C2 class ever. When I first started yoga teacher training, I had read on the CPY blog the suggestion for beginners to take three C2 classes before taking a Yoga Sculpt class. I ended up only taking two C2 classes before taking Sunny’s Saturday morning Yoga Sculpt class in Ballard for the first time. I ended up doing just fine and fell in love with the class.

I wanted to double up on my yoga classes today, but couldn’t stay for the CoreRestore class at 7:30. Instead, I came a little bit early to check out Alejandra’s C2 class. I had no idea what to expect because so far, each C2 class I’ve taken has been a little bit different.

One thing in common with all of the C2 classes I’ve taken so far? So many Chaturangas! Holy cow! My arms and shoulders were getting sore and shaky. Chaturangas aside, there were a lot of postures I recognized from Hot Power Fusion. We just didn’t do them in the same sequence and there certainly wasn’t nearly as many standing balancing or spine strengthening postures like there are in a Hot Power Fusion class. C2s tend to have way more flow to them than HPF. You move a whole lot more in a C2 class.

I know I’m a creature of habit. I love having a routine, especially in a yoga class. It’s probably why I enjoy taking a Bikram Yoga or Hot Power Fusion so much. In both of these classes, there’s a set sequence. Once you learn the sequence, you’ll always know what’s coming next in class. With a C2 class, there is no set sequence so you don’t ever really know what’s coming next. This forces me to pay attention and listen carefully to the instructor’s cues. It also causes me to have to look around at the other students to see what they’re doing.

In class tonight, not only did I not know which postures were coming up next, but I also felt like I was in the middle of two other students competing against one another. Granted, both of these students were quite advanced. While I was struggling to keep a slight bend in my arms during Chaturanga, these students were turning their High Planks into forearm stands and then flowing ever so gracefully down into a Chaturanga to do multiple push ups. Gulp! Alejandra demoed a headstand, which I only attempted to set up. I didn’t get into this posture. Both of my feet stayed on the ground and I was perfectly okay with that. The two competing students however not only proceeded to each get into a headstand, but they both had their own variation of it. One Scorpioned her legs back up over her head!

Yoga isn’t normally is competitive sport, at least it shouldn’t be. I totally understand wanting to push yourself to your own edge in certain postures, but the competition between these two students was something else. The most awkward thing about the whole experience was having to be right in the middle of these two for the entire class.

Friday, April 15th – Class #43, Hot Power Fusion with Christine at CorePower Yoga Greenwood (HPF-23)

My final Hot Power Fusion class of the week was with Christine. A little fun fact about Christine? She just started teaching Hot Power Fusion classes at CorePower Yoga! In fact, she was in the CPY teacher training class right before me. Once I realized how new Christine was to teaching yoga, I instantly got inspired.

Christine and I had a chance to chat about teacher training before class. She asked me about how my experience was so far. I told her I was finishing up my last week of YTT. I asked her when she got to the point when she was no longer nervous about teaching an HPF class. She laughed and told me she’d let me know when she got there. We both laughed.

I have no idea what Christine was worried about because all through her class, her cues were smooth. She gave me one of the best hands-on assists on both sides during Half Pigeon pose. If you ever are the one to receive a hands-on assist during that posture, consider yourself a lucky chosen one because this assist feels amazing!!

Besides the slight technical difficulty with the music volume at the beginning of class, the rest of class went off without any hiccups. I honestly think the music thing could happen to any teacher, even a seasoned one. Class itself was pretty quiet. I think there were only six of us, but that was because it was such a beautiful day outside. Trust me, it is really hard practicing hot yoga when it’s warm and sunny outside.

After class, I went up to Christine and told her she had absolutely nothing to worry about. I don’t think anyone else in class knew she was new to teaching yoga, except her husband and me. She did an amazing job. I look forward to taking her class again next week.

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