Toe Stand

I did something new tonight. I took my second C2 class at CorePower Yoga with a new teacher to me, Dominique. Technically, she was new to everyone else in class because she was a sub. Now that this is my second time taking a C2 class, I’m learning that not all C2 classes are the same. Continuing on with the “something new” theme for tonight, there was a whole new sequence of postures and flow for me to follow along to in class.

I set up my mat all the way in the far back corner, in the back row of the studio. I wanted to hide and be able to watch the people in front of me during class whenever I’d start to get lost. For the most part, listening to Dominique’s cues was enough for me to know what was going on, but I still got lost in a few parts of class and had to see what my neighbors were doing.

With all of this newness, I was thankful there were a couple of things familiar to me in class tonight. After the core portion of class, we focused on the Toe Stand posture. When Dominique first introduced this posture to the class, she asked if anyone had taken a Hot Power Fusion class before. I perked up and shot my arm in the air. Toe Stand is a posture I’ve practiced many times in both Bikram Yoga and Hot Power Fusion. What was cool was that we practiced this posture using two blocks. The blocks enabled me to keep my back straight. Sometimes when I get all the way into this posture, I tend to hunch over. Using the blocks allowed me to not worry so much about keeping my balancing and instead helped me stretch up taller with my back. I loved it.

After the demonstration of Toe Stand by Dominique and then our first round of flowing into the posture, Dominique lead us into another very familiar posture, Eagle. I was so excited because this is another posture I’ve practiced countless times in both Bikram Yoga and Hot Power Fusion.

Tonight’s class was pretty busy. We were three rows deep all throughout the studio, but I still felt like I had enough space to stretch out around me without bumping into the person next to me. I only have one more C2 class to go before I get to take my first Yoga Sculpt class at CorePower Yoga.

Class #10, C2 at CorePower Yoga Ballard with Dominique (Other CPY Class-2)

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