CPYTT Extensions - Week 01

I did something really exciting this week. I started the next stage of my yoga teacher training, the Extensions Program at CorePower Yoga. If the last eight weeks of teacher training were considered the undergrad portion, then Extension would be its master program counterpart. The Extensions Program is where the real fun begins on the yoga teacher training journey at CPY. Here, we get to dive into topics like building playlists, theming, sequencing, advanced hands-on adjustments, yoga ethics and lots and LOTS of practice teaching. In fact this weekend, I’ll already be teaching my first Hot Power Fusion yoga class.

In Hot Power Fusion Teacher Training, I learned that there’s so much more to yoga than the postures and all of the pretty pictures on Instagram. I learned how it’s okay to show up on my mat each day and do what works for my body, my mind and me in that moment. I learned the value of being present. I learned how to let go and trust the process. It’s the practice room, not the perfect room. I also realized how very different it is to teach a yoga class than it is to take one. I learned to leave my judgments at the door, mainly the ones of my own body and myself.

In Extensions, I’m looking forward to a whole lot of practice teaching. I want to feel confident giving the cues for postures and offering hands-on assists to my students in class. I want to learn how to put together an inspiring and fun playlist for class. I’d also like to learn how to develop a yoga sequence outside of the Hot Power Fusion sequence. Most of all, I want to have fun.

I’m excited to dive deep into the material and further grow my skills as a yoga teacher. Saying I’m stoked about this experience is an understatement!

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