No Cell Phones in Yoga

I’ve practiced at quite a few yoga studios where there’s a sign posted on the door to the studio that blatantly reads, “No Cell Phones Or Conversations Allowed in The Yoga Room” and rightfully so. The yoga studio should be considered a sacred place. Even though this may not be a place of worship for most, it is a place where most of us come to relax and unwind from a busy workday. Or if you’re coming in for a morning class, it’s the place you come to wake up and refuel for the day ahead. It’s not the place to talk or text on your cell phone or even have a conversation with your fellow yogi. Out of respect for everyone else in the room, take all of the conversations (whether it be in-person or on a mobile device) outside of the studio before class starts. There are few things I bring in with me to the yoga studio like a mat, hand towel, water bottle and a smile. The last thing I’d ever think to bring in with me would be my cell phone.

Believe it or not, there was a gentleman who brought his cell phone into the yoga studio with him tonight. It’s one thing to have your phone with you, but he was on it while everyone else around him was setting up for class. Okay, I get it. We’re all busy. This guy might have been trying to meet a work deadline, could have been making plans to meet up with someone after class or perhaps was touching base with a loved one. But as soon as the teacher walks into the room, it’s common courtesy to put the phone down for the rest of class.

As Jill sat in front of the room and introduced class, I looked over and could see this guy still on his phone. He was sitting in the middle of the room, right in front of Jill. I thought it was pretty clever how in her introduction of the class, Jill mentioned how busy life can get outside of class and casually mentioned the need to unwind and take a break from our mobile devices from time to time. Smooth Jill! Unfortunately, this guy totally missed the reference that was directed towards him and continued texting away on his phone. Rude? Oblivious? Either way, I figured this guy probably needed the Hot Power Fusion class more than all the rest of us in there who weren’t on our phones. With that in mind, I set my judgment aside and instead set my own intention for class.

Class was amazing tonight. It wasn’t super crowded. There was plenty of room to spread out. I scored my new favorite spot in the room in top right-hand corner. By now, the HPF sequence is starting to become second nature to me. I no longer worry about what’s coming next. Tonight, I spent more time looking at myself in the mirror than I did watching other people around me. After having taken a couple of C2 classes this week, HPF felt way more mellow than it has ever had before and I loved it. I flowed a whole lot easier into the postures. Class seemed to have a slightly slower pace than I’d remembered, which I enjoyed because it allowed me to listen to Jill’s cues, set myself up in the postures correctly and adjust myself whenever I felt the need to.

As soon as class was over and everyone was packing up their mats, I looked over at phone guy and there he was, sitting on his mat, on his phone again. Poor guy. At least he was able to unplug during class, but he definitely needs more yoga.

Class #11, Hot Power Fusion at CorePower Yoga Ballard with Jill (HPF-7)

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