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Bring A Beginner Guest Day!

I can’t believe this day has come. I remember when we were going over the entire Hot Power Fusion Teacher Training schedule back in February and saw this. I kept thinking how far off April 10th seemed to be at the time, a whole seven weeks away. Deep down inside, I wondered if I’d really be ready to teach people yoga by then. Well here we are, those seven weeks have passed and Bring A Beginner Guest Day is here. Here’s how it went…

The people I originally wanted to invite for Bring A Beginner Guest Day, my husband, Katie, Dmitry and Jenn, ended up all being out of town or unavailable to come to class. My husband was travelling for work. Katie and Dmitry took the kids to Mt Bachelor for spring break and Jenn was out of town for the weekend. I thought about posting something on Facebook during the week, but I kept putting it off for one reason or another. Mainly because I was so focused on practice teaching, finessing my core cues and ended up being super busy at work all week long. It wasn’t until the night before Bring A Beginner Guest Day that I decided to post an open invitation to all of my Facebook friends. Good thing I did because two of my friends showed up for class – Meg and Stephanie. Thanks ladies!!

Bring A Beginner Guest Day was pretty awesome and pretty simple. From 2:30 to 3:30 on Sunday afternoon, we’d all be teaching a Hot Power Fusion class to any of our family and friends who showed up for class. Attendees were invited to come in for a free, hour-long hot yoga class. They were also gifted with a free mat, towel and water and were invited to use the changing rooms to shower after class. Attendees got to enjoy a free class and we all got the experience of teaching them. It was a win-win situation for everyone.

Each of us HPF teacher trainees was assigned a particular part of the series to teach during our Bring A Beginner Guest Day class. I taught starting with the Triangle Flow, Tree and the entire Core section, up until Downward Facing Dog. Thankfully we got to know which part of the series we were teaching during class beforehand. It made practicing for Sunday so much easier. There were no surprises. We knew our part and could focus on finessing all of our cues for the section we were teaching.

The easiest part of Bring A Beginner Guest Day for me was the teaching. Once it was my turn to teach, I took the floor and guided the students through each part of my section. I remembered to breathe with my students so my pacing for the Triangle Flow was pretty spot on. I remembered to not only demonstrate each of the Core postures, but also had plenty of encouraging cues to use as the students did their Core work. The teaching part of Bring A Beginner Guest Day was super fun. One of the main reasons why I signed up for yoga teacher training was to learn how to teach people yoga. I was stoked to have so much fun with the actual teaching part instead of being a nervous wreck and worrying about forgetting my cues. I kept telling myself, its just yoga. It’s supposed to be fun and it was!

The hardest part of Bring A Beginner Guest Day for me was the anticipation, waiting for my turn to teach. In class, all of us teacher trainees were lined up along the far wall in the studio. One by one, as each of our sections came up, we would get up from sitting along the wall and start teaching our part. It was cool being able to watch one another teach and observe all the students taking our class. Everyone did such an amazing job, all of the teacher trainees and the students taking our class. As I sat there waiting to teach my part of class, which didn’t come until about half-way through class, I could feel the butterflies in my stomach building. I was both excited and nervous. I did my best not to let the nervous feelings take over the excited feelings. Once I stood up to teach, I was fine. Especially when I saw two familiar faces smiling back at me as I taught the class, Stephanie and Meg!

Bring A Beginner Guest Day was our first time teaching a Hot Power Fusion class in a heated room. All the way up until this part of training, we had been practice teaching without the heat. The heat adds a whole other element. It’s one thing being a student and taking a Hot Power Fusion class in the heat. It’s a whole other experience standing up in a room full of people where you’re the one talking the entire time, guiding them through their practice. I quickly got sweaty and thirsty. I’ll need to drink more water before teaching a class next time. As soon as I was done teaching my portion of class, I gulped a bunch of water.

After class, we gathered back together as a group (just us teacher trainees and coaches) and shared with each other what we thought we did well during our class today and what we would take with us to future classes we’d teach. For me, I felt like it was all about the breathing. Not just cueing the inhales and exhales, but actually cueing and taking both the inhales and exhales with the students during class. Not only did it help me keep a good pace during class, but there’s something really special about hearing a room full of people breathing with you. It’s pretty cool actually.

Now more than ever, I’m really excited to start teaching yoga.

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