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Long gone are my days of unwinding from the workweek in a bar over a cocktail or two or three. These days, my favorite way to unwind from the workweek is in a restorative yoga class. CorePower Yoga has this fantastic class called CoreRestore: Restorative Yoga. It’s a 75-minute Yin Yoga-inspired class filled with yoga postures that focus on slowing you down by having you holding each stretch for as long as possible, sometimes up to five minutes each. It’s not uncommon for one to fall asleep in a CoreRestore class either. I’m guilty of doing so myself. Yes, CoreRestore is THAT relaxing.

The CorePower Yoga Greenwood studio only offers CoreRestore once a week: Fridays at 7:30PM. When you think about it, this is the perfect time for a class like this. What better way to unwind from the week and get ready for a good nights sleep so you can be fully energized for a kick ass weekend? I don’t know about you, but taking a CoreRestore class sounds like a way more fun and healthy option than say blowing a bunch of money on cocktails, staying up way past your bedtime and having to deal with a hangover the morning after. CoreRestore is my kind of happy hour.

The CoreRestore class at the Greenwood studio has a unique format. Each week, there’s a different teacher. With each teacher, come many different teaching styles and variations of the class. No two CoreRestore classes are ever the same. There’s no set sequence of postures. Just come in with a mat, bring in whatever props the teacher tells you to grab on your way in, get comfy and prepare to relax.

This week, our teacher was Elisa. This was my first time taking Elisa’s CoreRestore class. I loved it! She started off class by having us grab a strap and three blocks on our way into the studio. We would be using these as props during some of the postures in class.

What I loved about Elisa’s class tonight is that whenever she’d introduce a new posture, she would demonstrate it for all of us. She would also demonstrate different options for each of the postures. Options are important in any yoga class because not everyone has the same flexibility. Each body is different. Someone might even be working with an injury so giving options makes each of the postures more accessible to everyone in class. You find what works for your body and feels good and then go for it.

Elisa was amazing with offering assistance during class. Not hands-on assists. Hands-on assists aren’t offered during any of the CoreRestore classes. Elisa would walk around the room to see if anyone needed any help with getting into the postures or had questions about any of the options she demonstrated. If someone needed a block or an extra strap, Elisa was happy to hook that person up with whatever they needed.

Throughout class, the studio lights were dim, but up enough so we could see Elisa demonstrate each of the postures. By final Savasana, the lights in the room were completely out as she led us through a short meditation.

I missed the last two weeks of CoreRestore because of obligations on my calendar. It felt so good to fit tonight’s class back into my schedule. My body needed tonight’s class. By the time I left the studio, I was ready for a good night’s sleep.

Class #38, CoreRestore: Restorative Yoga (75 Minutes) with Elisa at CorePower Yoga Greenwood (Other CPY Class-11)

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