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For my first studio review, I figured it would be appropriate to review my current, home studio, Sealevel Hot Yoga. According to their website, Sealevel Hot Yoga is Seattle’s original hot yoga studio, operating since 1996 under the name Bikram Yoga Seattle (and prior to that Yoga College of India.) Despite the fact that “Bikram Yoga” has been removed from the studio name, this studio continues to specialize in the traditional Bikram Yoga sequence, offering both 90 and 60-minute classes.

I first started practicing at this studio in January 2014. I had just moved to Seattle from California and lucky for me, Bikram Yoga Seattle was located right across the street from my new office. When I first joined the studio, it was located on 34th Street, right next door to the Fremont Brewery. Four months later, the brewery took over the entire building, causing the need for Bikram Yoga Seattle to relocate into a new, beautiful space a few blocks down the street on 34th Street. In November 2015, a large tech company had purchased the city block where BYS had moved into only a year and a half before. In November 2015, Bikram Yoga Seattle was on the move again. This time the new space would be located eight blocks west of the previous location at 215 N 36th Street and would change its name from Bikram Yoga Seattle to Sealevel Hot Yoga.

Despite the two moves in the last two years, Sealevel Hot Yoga has remained as one of my favorite yoga studios to practice at. On the schedule, it’s Bikram Yoga all day, all of the time, which I love! The entire Bikram series is offered in two formats: 60 minutes and 90 minutes. The 60-minute class is an express version of the traditional Bikram sequence and is offered at noon during the week and at 5pm on the weekends.

The teachers at the studio are amazing. I’ve enjoyed several classes with Kim, Sally, Andrea, Julie, Mary Margaret, Marianne and Lorenzo. There’s a wide variety of class times offered during the day starting at 6am during the week, my favorite time of the day to practice and as early as 8am on the weekends. For those wanting to practice later in the evening, there’s an 8pm class offered Monday through Thursday.

The studio is super clean. The studio floors are non-carpeted so there’s no stinky feet smell. The studio itself is hot. The newest location offers a state-of-the-art heating system. This is by far the hottest studio I’ve ever practiced in. The changing rooms have two showers along with two toilets that have doors on them instead of being surrounded by bathroom stalls. There aren’t any lockers or cubbyholes to put your stuff in, but there’s plenty of space to store your belongings during class.

Not only are the teachers at this studio awesome, but the yogis who practice here are as well. Everyone is respectful of the studio and others personal space. Yogis are happy to make room for each other and shift whenever needed so those in the back row are still able to see themselves in the front mirror. Chatter is kept to a minimum, if any, in the studio both before and after class. It’s also very common to see fellow yogis smile back at one another, especially in the 6am weekday classes!

Thinking of checking out Sealevel Hot Yoga yourself? Here are a few more details about the studio you might be interested in:

Sealevel Hot Yoga
215 N 36th Street
Seattle, WA


Plenty of parking on the street around the studio

Class Schedule:
Click HERE for current schedule

Drop In Rate – $20
New Student Intro – $20 for 2 weeks (unlimited) and $200 for 2 months (unlimited)
Click HERE for all class pricing

Sealevel Hot Yoga

Sealevel Hot Yoga

Sealevel Hot Yoga

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