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Oh hi there! I’m still around, even though I haven’t been posting in my blog as much as I’d like to over the last few weeks. I’ve been busy! Here’s what I’ve been up to:


Completed SUP Yoga Teacher Training

A couple of weekends back, I completed a three-day (25 hours) SUP yoga teacher training here in Seattle. We spent three days out on the water on paddleboards, in the water practicing rescue techniques and inside discussing important SUP yoga topics. I’m now officially certified by WASUP Yoga to teach SUP yoga! I look forward to the day where I can invest in a fleet of inflatable SUP boards of my own. Until then, I’ll continue to borrow equipment and volunteer to help friends who already run their own SUP yoga classes.

Nutrition Plan

Started A New Nutrition Program

My new nutrition program consists of eating five meal replacements and one leans and greens meal per day, which comes out to about 1,000 calories a day.

This has been a huge game changer in my life over the last two weeks, especially because nutrition has never been my strong point. I never realized how emotionally attached I am to food until I started this program. Food cravings for me are real and they’re everywhere – all throughout the grocery store, in the checkout line, driving home from work, at home in my own kitchen and in my head while I sit in my office working. If I’m not mindful about it, I’ll justify any sort of indulgence. So far, I’ve lost six pounds. I did fall off the wagon over Memorial Day weekend, but got right back on the program this week. My body is still adjusting to my new way of eating. I can slowly feel my energy come back. I hope to have enough energy to add Yoga Sculpt classes back into the mix sometime soon, like this next week.

Joined The Mountaineers

I became a member of The Mountaineers last month. I’m getting ready to go on my first adventure tomorrow, a stewardship to help repair and build a trail in Darrington. How appropriate that tomorrow also happens to be National Trails Day. I’m working on becoming a Hike Leader so I can one day this summer lead a yoga hike up in the mountains.

CorePower Extensions Program

I’m still in the Extensions Program at CorePower Yoga

We’re finishing up our third week of training this Sunday with more practice teaching for the FREE community class from 2:30-3:30PM in Seattle. We took all of last week off for Memorial Day. Thank goodness because I really needed the break. Which reminds me, I’m suppose to be using my time right now to practice teach so I’m ready to teach my part in class on Sunday.

Holding Down A Full-Time Day Job

On top of all this, I’m still spending 8+ hours of my weekdays working at my full-time day job. It’s a lot. I’m exhausted. I haven’t been able to practice as much yoga as I’d like to over the last few weeks. Life has been all about juggling priorities and mastering the art of time management lately. I hope I’m doing okay.

The Good News? I have two yoga teacher trainings under my belt so far this year and am two weeks away from having a third one completed. I’m really stoked on my progress. My commitment to my yoga practice and dreams of teaching yoga classes of my own one day is quickly becoming a reality. I just didn’t realize how hard it would be to fit all of these trainings into my schedule, not to mention my budget. Wanting to become a yoga teacher isn’t cheap unfortunately and yet the pay yoga teachers receive is quite minimal. Good thing I’m not doing this for the money. It’s VERY doubtful I’d even come close to making a livable wage during my first year of teaching. Still, teaching yoga is fun nonetheless and hopefully there will be some free yoga coming my way very soon. Taking yoga classes on a regularly basis isn’t cheap either, especially when you take classes at multiple studios like I do. I think I’m up to three different memberships now. God almighty!

The Really Good News? I’ll be going on a two-week summer vacation starting on Saturday, June 17th. My husband and I will be driving down to California. Our first stop? Camping in Yosemite and hopefully hiking Half Dome for my 40th birthday. Cross your fingers we win the “Day Of” day hike permit lottery. We didn’t win the preseason lottery back in April. Whomp! Whomp!

After camping in Yosemite, we’ll meet up with family and friends, have an In-N-Out burger or two and hopefully do a little wakeboarding. That next weekend, I’ll be leading a yoga warm-up and participating in the annual Girls Ride The Wake event, an all-ladies, weekend wakeboard camp in Lodi, California. The following week after GRTW, my husband and I will road tripping back home along the coast, taking our sweet time. I’m hoping we get to end our vacation by spending Fourth of July weekend on the river in Orondo with our friends. I don’t think I’ve ever taken a two-week vacation as an adult before so this is really exciting for me.

When I first started yoga teacher training in February, I had all of these grand plans of wanting to teach hot yoga at CorePower and then run my own SUP yoga classes on the weekends during the summer in Leavenworth. With summer almost here and having put in countless hours for my training thus far, I’ve decided the best thing for me to do is to take a step back and breathe. Instead of stretching myself out too thin, saying yes to every opportunity that comes my way and burning out on all the yoga, I’ve decided to enjoy my summer. I want to hike. I want to go back to my 6am Bikram Yoga classes before work. I want to spend more time with my husband. I want to practice my SUP yoga skills by volunteering a couple hours each weekend to help a friend manage her SUP yoga classes. I want to clean my house. I want to write posts for my blog. I’d love to sleep in every now and then.

I totally get the whole pedal to the metal thing and understand the value of working hard in order to get where I want to go, but I need to remind myself that it’s also perfectly okay to just relax and appreciate how far I’ve come.

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