Inspirational Quote-06

The more Bikram Yoga classes I go to, the more I start to really listen to the dialogue and hear what the instructors say during class. When I first started going to Bikram Yoga, I only heard the corrections called out by an instructor along with “Lock your knee!” “Lock your knee!” Now that I’ve been practicing Bikram for quite awhile, I hear beyond the directions on how to get in and out of the postures. I now hear things like motivational quotes and positive reinforcement from the instructors. I have even heard some of the jokes they’ve cracked in class from time to time. A few weeks ago, during savasana in the middle of the spine strengthening series, the instructor told us,

“Don’t be afraid to let go of things that no longer serve you.”

I took this quote to heart on a couple of different levels. First, I accepted this quote to mean whatever pain and suffering I was feeling in that moment, whatever negative thoughts were running through my head at that time, I needed to let it all go and focus on my breathing instead. Once I shifted my focus, I started feeling better. The rest of my class was great.

On my way home after class, this quote kept running through my head. It dawned on me that this quote could apply to my personal life as well, outside of the yoga studio. In addition to letting go of any anxious or wonky feelings I felt during a yoga pose in class, I could also let go of negative thoughts, situations or people in my daily life. It was that simple! I know the instructor has said this quote a million times before in class, but for some reason, I finally listened.

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