The holiday season for me has meant putting my head down and working, A LOT. It means continuing to serve the hungry public at the restaurant I work at. To never turn down working extra shifts whenever they’re offered to me, especially if I don’t feel like working. It means having to work a double on Christmas Eve. It also means not getting to spend the holidays with my family.

It’s all a choice. Choices I’m more than happy to make. I knew there would be plenty of sacrifices to make when I chose to hike the PCT again in 2019. Only having six months in between my hikes is not a whole lot of time to catch up from the last hike and to save for the next one. I’m working as hard (and smart) as I can and staying positive in the process. I know the sacrifices I make today will be huge payoffs when I’m able to get back on trail in almost a 100 days. ALMOST 100 DAYS!!

If you feel inspired by my journey, consider visiting my Patreon page and becoming a Patron. For as little as $1/month you can be an active part of my hike without taking a single step.

Merry Christmas Eve everyone and keep on truckin!

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