Yoga leggings have become my wardrobe staple over the last three years. My love affair with leggings started when I fell in love with a pair of leggings a friend of mine was wearing. I justified buying them because I could wear them with longer shirts to work, could practice yoga in them, use them as a base layer underneath my snowboarding pants and who’s kidding who, they were super cute and really comfortable.

My obsession with yoga leggings has now grown into 18 pairs – 18 PAIRS! What does one do with 18 pairs of leggings? I wear them of course. I wear yoga leggings all the time, even outside of the yoga studio. I can’t remember the last time I wore a pair of jeans. I’m not even sure if I own a pair of jeans. Luckily with teaching 6 to 10 yoga classes a week, I can justify having a lot of yoga leggings in my wardrobe.

Four out of the 18 pairs of leggings I own are K-Deer. I discovered K-Deer in December 2015 by accident. One of my favorite big name, activewear brands had been featuring a pair of striped leggings in their catalog. When I went into the store to buy them, the gals at the store told me the leggings were no longer available. Apparently, the company had made a design whoopsie by copying the striped design of the leggings from another retailer and tried marketing them as their own. The leggings had been removed from the shelves, the website and were eventually taken out of the catalog. I was devastated, but decided to keep shopping anyways. As I was getting rung up for my purchases, the gal behind the counter whispered, “K-Deer.” As soon as I got home that night, I found them online and bought my first pair of K-Deer leggings.

The first pair of K-Deer leggings I bought were the Jody Stripe, from the Signature Strips collection. The colors of the stripes go from black at the waist to dark grey to silver at the ankle. I wore these to a hot yoga class as soon as I got them. It was love at first wear. The high waist made for a flattering fit on my tummy and butt. There was no muffin top. There was no dreaded camel toe. The leggings fit snug like a bug with material that felt weightless, almost like a second skin. The leggings were dry by the time I got home from the super sweaty and hot class. I was impressed. I also loved how they were long enough to wear over my ankles, perfect for being able to walk around the studio quietly in bare feet.

A couple days later after wearing my first pair of K-Deer leggings, I went back to the website and bought another pair, the Kayley Stripe, also from the Signature Stripes collection. Same awesome fit, same fantastic fabric. The only difference was the color of the stripes. The Kayley Stripe goes from brown at the waist to light brown to gold at the ankle. With so many super fun prints to choose from, I eventually purchased two more pairs of K-Deer leggings – Famous (a blue and black tie dye print) and Fierce (a black and white tie dye print.) K-Deer leggings also provide UPF 50+ protection making them a great, quick drying option for activities outside of the yoga studio like SUP, SUP yoga and hiking.

Fun, fashionable and functional leggings aside, there are many other things I learned about K-Deer that had me falling in love with the company even more. First of all, the company is woman-owned and all of the apparel is designed by Kristine Deer. I love her inspiring story. Kristine was a fashion design graduate from Syracuse University who had lost her job during the recession. Her unemployment led her to practice hot yoga up to six times a week. After not being able to find clothing that could keep up with her new sweaty lifestyle, Kristine was inspired to design her own line of shorts, capris and leggings, specifically for women practicing hot yoga. This is how K-Deer was conceived.This is proof of how magical yoga is. Yoga really can fix anything, even being unemployed in a tough, competitive market.

Kristine started K-Deer as a one-woman show, making each piece of clothing by hand in her childhood bedroom, taking orders via and sending them out through her local post office along with selling her new clothing line to her local studio. Word quickly spread about the new clothing line to other studios and students all over the place thanks to social media.

Another awesome thing about K-Deer is that everything about this brand is made here in the United States. K-Deer apparel is manufactured in New Jersey and New York City. The fabric used in the designs is all American made fabric, printed locally under strict eco-friendly guidelines.

Not only does K-Deer make durable and adorable leggings, but they also give back. Each one of the leggings in the Signature Stripes collection is named after an inspiring woman and supports a cause close to her heart. For each sale of leggings in the Signature Stripes collection, K-Deer donates up to 10% of the proceeds directly to causes raising awareness and creating positive change for individuals and communities in need. Since the beginning of the collection, K-Deer has raised over $100,000 for these causes.

And for all of you yoga teachers and fitness instructors out there, K-Deer has a fitness instructor discount program. To qualify, all you have to do is submit an application. Upon review, K-Deer will send you a customized code for 15% off your order.

To learn more about K-Deer, see the Signature Stripes collection and check out all of their super fun prints and pieces, visit

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