Cobra Pose

I’ll be honest. The first time I spotted the Bengal Tiger WAYmat was on Facebook. One of my former Bikram Yoga teachers had just posted a picture of her Bengal Tiger mat she was using for class that day. As soon as I saw the picture, I instantly wanted a Bengal Tiger mat of my own. Thanks Tre! Not only did I want to be cool and fashionable in a Bikram Yoga class like my awesome teacher, Tre (she’s super cool by the way!), but also so I could use this mat to help me dig deep on my toughest days. One glance at this mat and I know I’d instantly have “Eye of the Tiger” running in my head on repeat, drowning out all of the negative chitter chatter going on in my head during class.

I quickly reached out to my teacher to ask her where she scored her super sweet mat. Turns out the Bengal Tiger mat is a WAYmat by We are Yoga. WAYmats are WAYbetter than your average yoga mat for many reasons. Not only are there a number of different fun designs and colors to choose from, they’re super convenient because they can be used in place of a regular yoga mat, eliminating the need to carry both a towel and mat to class. Being a former beach towel/yoga mat user, I love how the WAYmats are longer, wider, thicker and softer than any beach towel I’ve ever used for class. WAYmats come in one size – 70” x 30”, making them 3” longer and wider than even the biggest standard sized yoga towel/mat. They’re super comfy too! A WAYmat turn the hardest studio floor into a soft, cozy place for savasana.

WAYmats are functional for any type of studio floor. The rubber nubs on the bottom give each mat more stick on slick, non-carpeted surfaces so you wont need a rubber mat underneath. Need an extra dry grip during Rabbit posture? WAYmats have a microfiber flap at the end of each mat, making a dry grip or a quick wipe easily accessible during class. These mats are home washer and dryer safe, shrink resistant and absorb water and sweat like a champ. You wont ever have to experience sweat soaking through to the studio floor during or after a Bikram Yoga or Hot Yoga class with a WAYmat.

If you’re practicing Bikram Yoga multiple times a week, having one mat just isn’t enough. Even two mats aren’t enough. Unless you want to do a load of laundry everyday, it’s worth investing in a few different yoga mats to have available for multiple classes during the week. I love my Bengal Tiger WAYmat so much, I decided to add another WAYmat to my yoga mat rotation, Crown Chakra in Violet from the Chakra Series. It’s the same size and quality as the Bengal Tiger mat only this one comes in a nice, solid, bright violet color. I’m already looking forward to my first class on my new mat!

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