2017 has gotten off to a great start for me so far. What’s better than being a snowboarder on vacation who wakes up the morning after a snowstorm with seven inches of new snow on the mountain? How about discovering that The Mountaineers have publicly deemed your Instagram account inspiring and follow-worthy?

I woke up early on New Years Day morning to not only find a lot of new white stuff on the ground, but also to discover that The Mountaineers had chosen my Instagram account, @KathleenLovesYoga as one of their ten favorite Inspirational Mounties of Instagram in their recent blog post. Holy cow! Me? Really? Never in a million years did I ever expect to see my Instagram handle and a picture of me doing Camel at Lake Josephine this summer to be listed in a Mountaineers blog post. I had no idea about the feature. To say it was a pleasant surprise is putting it mildly. I was so shocked and excited. I couldn’t read the blog post myself. I had to have it read to me.

Out of thousands upon thousands of Mountaineer members and the 34,000+ photos on Instagram that have been tagged with #OurPNW, they chose my little (and growing) Instagram account to feature. I’ve always thought of The Mountaineers as the cool kids of the outdoors here in the PNW, only they’re the cool kids who want to hang out with you and help show you the ropes. It’s part of why I decided to become a member in 2016. Not only are The Mountaineers a collection of likeminded people who enjoy hiking, snowshoeing and getting outside as much as I do, but it’s a non-profit organization run by volunteers who teach some really awesome classes. Like the Ten Essentials For Winter Conditions course I took back in December and the Basic Snowshoe Course lecture I went to tonight after work. Not to mention the snowshoe field trip I’m scheduled to go on later this month along with an avalanche safety course at the end of the month and the Adventure/Travel Writing Workshop I’m scheduled to attend later this week.

Once the initial shock wore off, I finally read the blog post myself. Do you know how weird it is to read someone quoting something you’ve written? It was like having an out-of-body experience. All it took was my love for yoga, moving my yoga practice outside in the beautiful PNW for all of Instagram to see along with chasing this crazy yoga dream of mine and enjoying the journey along the way that deemed my Instagram account inspirational by The Mountaineers. Wow! I’m so incredibly honored and grateful for the endorsement.

Need some motivation to go play outside? Be sure to check out the blog post along with all of the other nine Mountaineers who were chosen as Inspirational Mounties of Instagram. I’m following them all! My Instagram feed is already 100 times more beautiful and inspirational. I’m more excited than ever for my next outdoor adventure!

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