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If I had to miss any part of my yoga teacher training, it would only be for something yoga-related. Today was the one day I missed (Group Session #12) during my training so far and for good reason. My husband and I had signed up to go on an awesome winter adventure with CorePower Yoga’s own Kristen Shaw and KAF Adventures. Yoga, Snow & Wine was the name of the event and it’s exactly how we spent our day. We started off with an hour-long yoga class and then headed out to Snoqualmie Pass for a snowshoe hike with a few outdoor meditations along the way. After the hike, we drove back to Seattle and finished up the day sharing our experiences with one another over wine and cheese.

My husband and I drove down to Seattle early Sunday morning to meet the rest of the group at the KAF Adventures hub in Seattle. Turns out KAF Adventures shares their space with a local winery and partner, Elsom Cellars. The space was beautiful! Upon arrival, we were introduced to the rest of the folks in our group for the day, along with our two guides, Rikki from Kaf Adventures and Kristen from CorePower Yoga.

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Kristen led us through an hour-long Vinyasa-style yoga class underneath the awesome Christmas lights hanging from the ceiling in the Elsom Cellars tasting room. The uniquely decorated room (we all loved the Christmas lights hanging above) along with Kristen’s music playing in the background made the perfect setting for an early Sunday morning yoga class. Proof that you really can do yoga anywhere!

Since Kristen’s yoga background in partially made from CorePower Yoga DNA, the postures and flow of her class felt really comfortable to me. She began class by having us stand in the middle of our mats, with our palms facing each other, hands to heart center, Samasthiti. We closed our eyes, set an intention for class and were given the option to opt of hands-on assists, if we wanted to.

We started out with a couple rounds of Sun Salutation. Even with all of the familiar parts about Kristen’s class, I noticed how she also sprinkled in a lot of her own flavor as well. Some of my favorite highlights during class? After completing a few flows of High Plank to Chaturanga to Upward Facing Dog to Downward Facing Dog, Kristen gave us permission to skip the Chaturanga all together if we wanted to for the rest of class. I’ve yet to have that option in any yoga class I’ve taken before so that was a very nice surprise! Also, during one of our Low Lunges, Kristen showed us a nifty trick on how to bring the front leg forward safely, while in the posture. I have since used that move several times in the yoga classes I’ve taken since. Towards the end of class, Kristen led us through a couple of the bonus round postures we’ve learned about in Yoga Teacher Training, Legs Up The Wall, Plow, Shoulder Stand and Ear Pining Pose. We then finished up class in final Savasana. I was definitely warmed up and ready for our snowshoeing hike by the end of Kristen’s yoga class.

Once we were done with class, we loaded up the cars with all of our gear and headed to Snoqualmie Pass for our snowshoe hike. Along the hike, Kristen led us through a couple different short meditations, giving us a chance to catch our breath and appreciate all of the natural beauty surrounding us.

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Half way along the hike, we picked a spot along the river to pull off and have lunch together. As we ate lunch, everyone in the group had a chance to share how they were enjoying the hike so far. One of my favorite parts about our lunch stop was when one of the couples shared with Kristen the bucket list they had created, which was inspired by Kristen and her husband’s wedding last year. We all had a chance to relate to one another because we were all nodding in agreement about the items on their list, sharing our own previous experiences with some of the items on the list and adding in some of our own bucket list items as well.

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Throughout our hike, we had plenty of opportunities for photo ops. We took a couple different group shots of everyone striking a yoga pose along with several individual pictures amongst the couples in the group. I really appreciated this part of the hike because it’s not very often you get the chance to do yoga in snowshoes and take a picture of it. Now, we would all have the pictures to remember the entire experience.

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The weather had been calling for rain all day, but we lucked out. It was overcast and wasn’t super cold. It did sprinkle here and there along our hike, but it wasn’t anything to get us soaked with. The rain didn’t start falling heavily until we were back on the road heading back into Seattle.

We wrapped up the day back at the KAF Adventures hub and gathered around a large table, drinking wine and sharing our favorite memories and most challenging moments from the day. I was super beat by the end of the event. I think all of the yoga I’ve been doing lately for Yoga Teacher Training along with the snowshoeing hike we did today wore me out. I sipped a half glass of wine and was ready for bed by the time we all said our goodbyes.

If you have a chance to check out a Yoga, Show & Wine event through KAF Adventures, I highly recommend it. They provided everything you need for a great adventure – the gear for the hike (including snowshoes and trekking poles), a yoga class to warm up with before the hike, hiking snacks, two fun, inspiring and amazing guides (Thank you Rikki and Kristen!) along with plenty of wine and cheese to celebrate the adventure at the end of the day.

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For more information about future adventures including upcoming Yoga, Snow & Wine events, check out the KAF Adventures website.

Want to catch a yoga class with Kristen, be sure to check out her Facebook page, Kristen Shaw Yoga

Class #29, Yoga, Snow & Wine with Kristen Shaw and KAF Adventures (Outside Class-4)

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