SheJumps and Ibex Seattle Yoga Event

Over a week ago, I attended a super fun event put on by SheJumps at Ibex in University Village featuring a candlelight yoga class right inside the store. SheJumps is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to increase the participation of women and girls in outdoor activities. I first heard of SheJumps after attending one of their events up at Stevens Pass this year. I always am looking to snowboard and hang out with other like-minded ladies on the mountain so I signed up for SheJumps event at Stevens Pass and had a blast.

A few weeks ago, I saw on Facebook, SheJumps was hosting a yoga event here in Seattle at the Ibex retail store in University Village on a Sunday night from 6:30 to 8:30. SheJumps and yoga? I quickly signed up to reserve my spot.

I have to admit, I was a little nervous before coming to the event. First of all, I was coming solo. I know, I know. The whole point of coming to an event like this is to meet new friends. I knew I’d be okay once I got there, but I couldn’t help but feel a little nervous. Also, I was coming directly from my yoga teacher training group session and wouldn’t have a chance to go home to get pretty for the event. Then I figured, if there were ever an event perfectly acceptable to show up to wearing yoga pants and a bun for, this event would be it!

I showed up for the event a bit early and got checked in. After looking around the store, I decided to set up my yoga mat on the ground. As soon as I got set up, someone else came to set up her yoga mat right next to mine. We immediately started chatting. The nervous feelings I had before coming to the event? They were long gone by now.

I loved everything about this event! Ryn, an Ibex employee led all 20+ of us ladies through a 45-minute power Vinyasa class right in the middle of the store. As we started flowing into all of the various postures, I could see people walking by outside looking in, wondering what in the hell we were doing. We were a store full of women doing yoga on a Sunday night. No big deal. It was pretty entertaining.

We finished off the class in Savasana along with a little essential oil/hands-on assist love from Ryn herself. My favorite part of the event though wasn’t the amazing yoga class or awesome champagne toast and raffle after the class. It was actually the friendly, icebreaker exercises Ryn led us through before we started the yoga. Once the event had begun, Ryn asked us to introduce ourselves to another person who was wearing the same color as we were. After we introduced ourselves, we had to ask them something they had done recently that they’re proud of. I think I told me the person I introduced myself to that I was proud of signing up for yoga teacher training. Then, Ryn had us find a second person to introduce ourselves to and ask them something new they had tried in the last 30 days. I think I told this person about discovering Yin Yoga recently and how amazing it was. After meeting the second person, we had to find a third person to introduce ourselves to and tell them what one thing we were bringing with us to the event tonight. The third person I introduced myself to was Ryn. Of course, we naturally got to talking about yoga.

After the yoga portion of the event, there was plenty of time to socialize with one another. I even met and chatted with another lady who was also currently enrolled in yoga teacher training at CorePower Yoga, but at a different studio than me. How cool was that? What are the odds?

Even though I showed up to this event feeling a little nervous, I ended up having a super fun time. The SheJumps events are pretty awesome. If you have a chance to attend one of their events happening near you, I highly suggest signing up and going. It’s a great way to meet other friendly women with common interests. Plus, all of the proceeds for attending the event and buying additional raffle tickets during the event go towards a really great organization.

Thanks Ibex Seattle and SheJumps for hosting such a fun event!

Photos courtesy of Ibex Seattle

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