What could be more fun than teaching yoga? How about teaching yoga to a group of 80+ ladies of all different ages who love to wakeboard at Girls Ride The Wake! Here’s a fun fact you might not know about me. In addition to being in love with yoga, I also love wakeboarding.

Wakeboarding is what led me to deepen my own yoga practice over three years ago. All of the years of wakeboarding started taking a toll on my poor knees. I was starting to get dull pains and aches in my knees both before, during and after wakeboarding. I also discovered rather quickly in a yoga class how painful it had become for me to sit in a cross-legged position. I feared going to the doctor because I didn’t want them tell me I’d need surgery and could no longer do the physical activities I loved so much. Instead, I prescribde myself with a regular Bikram Yoga practice. This meant going to a 90-minute class, three to five times a week.

Within three months of a consistent practice, all of those dull pains and aches went away. I was even  able to sit with my legs crossed comfortably again. Fast forward to 2016, I’m now a 200-hour certified yoga teacher in two different styles of yoga, hot yoga and SUP yoga.

This summer, everything came full circle for me when I had the honor and pleasure to lead all of the ladies at Girls Ride The Wake through a yoga warm-up on both Saturday and Sunday morning during the event.

What is Girls Ride The Wake?

Girls Ride The Wake is a ladies-only event that happens just one weekend a year. For two days, ladies from all over come together in Lodi, California where they can wakeboard their faces off with other ladies and a professional female wakeboard riding coach. GRTW provides the camping facilities along with six to eight wakeboard specific, state of the art Nautique boats for all of the ladies to ride behind all weekend long. Gas is included! GRTW is the only event of its kind on the west coast. It’s the perfect opportunity for ladies to meet, ride with and learn from other lady riders who share a passion for wakeboarding.


Part of my decision to sign up for yoga teacher training in the first place was with the hopes of taking my yoga practice outside and combining it with the sports I love including wakeboarding, hiking, snowboarding and SUP. As soon as I signed up for my first yoga teacher training back in February of this year, I volunteered to teach a yoga warm-up for the GRTW event. I then spent the next four months developing my yoga teaching skills and coming up with a short sequence for both days of the event.

Teaching Yoga At Girls Ride The Wake

This year marked my fourth year in a row as a GRTW participant. Each year I came to GRTW, I always thought it would be awesome to combine yoga with wakeboarding, especially since it was the yoga that healed me and made me a stronger rider. This year, I finally got to make that dream a reality. On both Saturday and Sunday morning of the event, I lead the entire group of 80+ ladies of all different ages into a 15-minute yoga sequence I put together just for them, tailored for a full weekend of wakeboarding in mind.

I have to admit, when I first got up in front of the group and introduced myself, I was super nervous. A group of 80+ people looks a whole lot bigger once you’re standing right in front of them. As soon as I had everyone come together, close their eyes and helped them set an intention not only for the yoga aspect of the event, but for the entire weekend, my nervousness went away. Reality had hit me on the head – I was teaching yoga outside to a bunch of ladies who love to wakeboard! This was the exact moment I had been preparing myself for over the last few months. It was fun and exciting. There was nothing to be scared about at all.

This whole experience reaffirmed my beliefs. Not only is teaching yoga fun, it’s also a whole lot of fun getting to teach yoga outside to a group of likeminded ladies. I can’t wait to do it again!


For more information on Girls Ride The Wake, please visit GRTW online at:

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